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Taylor Wright

I enjoy solving problems.

I believe people work hardest on what they’re passionate about. For me that has meant combining my graphic design skills with programming prowess. By bridging the space between artist and engineer I am able to build nuanced experiences that entertain and delight users. When working with artists I can realize and give life to designs; with engineers I can help ensure that the subtleties and motion of a design don’t get lost in development.

My friendly demeanor and ability to clearly communicate with others have made it easy to find myself at home working with teams across disciplines, studios, and countries. I’m willing to put in the extra time and effort to push something from good to great, while also adhering to tight deadlines and keeping cool in high pressure situations.

I’m fortunate to have worked on exceptional teams and projects and I’m always eager to take on new challenges, be it programming languages, tools, platforms, or mediums. I have an interest in how people interact with technology as well as a passion for games of all kinds.



Creative problem solving, Working with teams, Acting independently, Learning new technologies, Object Oriented Programming, Version control


Adobe Creative Cloud (interactive, video, print, got it!),
Flash (ActionScript 3, ActionScript 2) / Flex, Scaleform / CLIK,
Git / Perforce / Subversion, HTML / CSS / JavaScript, Processing

Experience with:

RAGEScript, Unity, Java, Max MSP/Jitter, WPF


C++, Swift 2 / Objective-C, HTML5 / JavaScript frameworks, C#, Lua, You


  • Rockstar Games - San Diego

    UI Developer

    2011 - 2015

    Grand Theft Auto V (360, PS3, XB1, PS4, PC)

    Scaleform development in collaboration with C++ and script
    Working with multidisciplinary teams across 8 studios
    3 months spent at Rockstar North in Edinburgh, Scotland
    Minigames (15+ different games)
    Pause Menu
    HUD / Cutscene overlays / In-world UI
    GTA Online / Multiplayer / Leaderboards

    Other responsibilities

    Migrating and maintaining UI systems
    Design / Motion collaboration to develop UI’s feel
    Using Scaleform’s CLIK components for rapid prototyping
    Writing ActionScript with portability between virtual machines in mind
    Helping develop UI framework spanning XML, C++, and Flash

  • Electronic Arts / Pogo

    Interactive Designer & Prototyper

    2010 - 2011

    Interactive, motion, and concept design
    Prototyping & development for games, features, and services
    Working with Art & Engineering teams to develop pipelines, resolve problems, and help deliver compelling work
    Forging into new technologies (HTML 5, iOS, Unity, etc.)
    Writing process docs, running sessions, individual help

  • Idle Games

    Flash Developer & Designer


    UI Development
    Motion Design

  • the redlamp organization

    Creative Technologist / Chaosmonaut

    1999 - Present

    High quality websites
    Generative poster designing systems
    Robotic art installations
    Miscellaneous print work
    Boring corporate web banners

  • odopod

    Junior Flash Developer

    2006 - 2007

    UI Development
    Motion Design

  • Euro RSCG San Francisco

    Flash Developer


  • Making Things



    Solder Jockey, Janitorial Services

  • Stamen Design



    Flash Production, Janitorial Services