I enjoy solving problems.


  • Effective communicator and collaborator able to understand and work with teams across departments and disciplines.
  • Sharp eye for visual design with an emphasis on usability, grids & layout, typography, and motion.
  • Analytical mind that’s able to construct clear wireframes and information architecture.
  • Impeccable production skills in both design & code. From sketch to prototype to final product I take pride in my craft.
  • 10–20 years experience with Adobe and similar tools: interactive, prototyping, motion, video, static, and print.


Raw Power Games

Senior UX Designer



the redlamp organization

Freelance UI/UX Designer




Senior Staff Designer

2022-2023 – Contract
Substance Designer
  • Designed Portal Nodes, enabling users to more easily manage large and complex graphs.
  • Lead design workshops with team and content partners to identify and prioritize features and possible solutions. These fun workshops generated immediately actionable feedback.
  • Collaborated with Adobe’s Prototyping team to generate graph improvements focused on Frames and Layout Assist features.
Substance Painter
  • Designed streamlined workflow and usability enhancements for Texture Baking mode.
  • Implemented an Agile development process for design on Substance Painter and Substance Designer, improving efficiency and collaboration within the team.
  • Acquired in-depth knowledge of the Qt UI framework’s QWidget and QSS systems to ground design and wireframes in Painter and Designer’s tech pipeline.



Principal UX Designer

2022 – Contract



UX Designer of the Apocalypse

2021-2022 – Contract
Unannounced Project
  • Game and System design of core gameplay features.
  • Long-term process and planning for UI/UX team.
  • Introducing and onboarding the larger dev team to Agile.
  • Running brainstorming sessions to help the team understand workflow and enhance communication.
  • UI/UX Design on the internal narrative engine/tool.
  • Extensive user research on internal narrative engine/tool.
Disco Elysium (PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia)
  • Porting the game to new platforms.
  • Making the experience feel comfortable and natural across hardware factors (PC, TV, and handheld).
  • Improving accessibility and legibility of the game.

Force Field XR

Principal UX Designer

Unannounced Project
  • Leading 10+ member multi-disciplinary feature team through production of a AAA VR vertical slice project.
  • Part of leadership team defining pre-production process of full-scale AAA VR title around well-known IP.
  • Working with game design and art leadership to explore and define visual style and interaction for the future of VR.
  • Prototyping and interaction design with Unreal Engine.

Guerrilla Games

Senior UX Designer

Horizon Forbidden West (PlayStation)
  • Working with leadership and production to scope, prioritize, and schedule UI/UX requirements for entire project.
  • Designing, documenting, and prototyping features across all areas of the project (HUD, in-game, menus).
  • Building and implementing features with the Decima engine.
  • Designing features and quality of life improvements for the Decima based on experience with tools.
  • Creating processes and procedures for a newly assembled UI/UX team, onboarding members new to the team, tools, and industry.


UX Designer

  • Designing systems focusing on user generated content, social/community development, retention, and general usability.
  • Building virtual reality prototypes with Unity, wireframes with Adobe XD, and design documentation with Confluence.

Blizzard Entertainment

UX Designer

Heroes of the Storm (PC)
  • Designing features with players, streamers, viewers, and esports in mind. The ways we consume games are growing.
  • Working on features for a live game with goals ranging from player acquisition, retention, and quality of life improvements.
  • Launching “Heroes Brawl” game mode and first 3 months of weekly content (highlighted at BlizzCon 2016).
  • Extensive wireframing and UX documentation. Prototyping features, functionality, and motion, across a range of tools.

Rockstar Games

UI Programmer

Red Dead Redemption II (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia)
  • Helping lead vanguard of UI/UX team to establishing design, motion, and frameworks for project.
  • Building HUD messaging system that could easily add new channels and designs while maintaining a simple script interface.
  • Migrating and maintaining UI systems between projects as well as building tools to facilitate and speed up work flow.
Grand Theft Auto V (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)
  • Identifying the needs of stakeholders to plan, design, and develop solutions that meet or exceed expectations on time.
  • Core contributor to minigame UI (15+ so many), pause menu, game script driven dynamic leader board system, and more.
  • Strong liaison between multidisciplinary teams (Art, Audio, Code, Design, Localization, QA, UI/UX) across 8 studios worldwide.

Electronic Arts

UI/UX Designer & Developer


Idle Games

UI/UX Designer & Developer



Junior UI Developer

2006 – 2007


California College of the Arts

Graphic Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts)


Making Things (Intern)


Stamen Design (Intern)


Sputnik & Laika (Intern)


UC Berkeley Extension

Computer Programming


Mira Costa College

Internet & Multimedia Technology


Digital Publishing