Grand Theft Auto V

UI Programmer

One of the most successful video games ever (beat only by Tetris and Minecraft). Rockstar Games once again sets the standard for open-world sandbox-style gamplay with GTA V.
My Role
  • Core contributor to minigame UI (15+, so many!), pause menu, game script driven dynamic leader board system, and more.
  • Able to identify the needs of stakeholders to plan, design, and develop solutions that met or exceeded expectations on time.
  • Strong liaison between multidisciplinary teams (Art, Audio, Code, Design, Loc., QA, UI / UX) across 8 studios worldwide.

UI / UX Reel

A game this big required a lot of UI, here’s a peek at some of the work I did.

Game Trailers

Initial release 2013,
Next Gen and PC release 2014.


My contributions to this screen were small, but I would be remise to not mention that I worked on what would become one of GTAV’s greatest memes.